Xkcd creepiness dating age

23-Dec-2016 04:39

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Actually on friday it would have to be [(26.003/2 7), (26.003-7)*2]...

I don't get why everyone is saying that 14 year olds can't date under this formula.

Similarly, in his autobiography, George Arnold Escher (1843-1939, father of famous artist M. Escher) claimed that when he was looking for a wife ca.

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Just look at it in terms of a smaller unit of time (say months, or days) and add 7 years under that unit, instead of just adding 7. I'm going to have to agree that "too-crazy-to-date" variable needs to be taken into account when considering the available pool.

Most importantly is it growing faster than the increase caused by the larger age range?

Perhaps a more difficult one (but more important) would be "is-she-my-type" which would fall under an even smaller subset of the "not-too-crazy-to-date".

Considering that we are on forums it's likely that any girl reading them holds a larger chance to fall in the latter category than a random selection of the population...

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So, any females on here fall in the range of [(25.992/2 7), (25.992-7)*2] who live in the Iowa or Minnesota and is looking for a date this friday?

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