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23-Feb-2016 18:08

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Something on the jitsi side is failing when the extension passes the desktop stream. as the extension is for sure installed, otherwise you wouldn't have been prompted to select what you wanted to share. I know its failing here: https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/master/conference.js#L926 Digging into the code executing there to see what I can find. A quick update for everyone: I just heard back from the Jitsi Meet team.

@rockneverdies55 yeah sorry I had some emails out and was communicating with them directly. They have found the problem and are working on a solution.

This could be more a configuration or source-code sort of issue, not actually a permissions issue in the strict sense of file modes or chrome browser restrictions. I've spent the last week refactoring and making the Jitsi Videobridge rig something I can access directly from the internet.

And satisfying a requirement that 100% of all Jitsi traffic go over 443/TCP (No UDP, no 4443 high-ports required).

I don't believe what I'm encountering is a permissions problem.

I believe my issue is a miss-alignment of some kind between how the Rocketchat daemon over on the RC server communicates with my clients, and/or, how it handles the webrtc streams for Jitsi.

All of that is to say it's complicated, and I'm hoping my question helps RC identify for all of us how to fix the roadblock in my situation. You pretty much summarized every piece of the puzzle perfectly!

((*Note that my environment may not be how you set yours up;) Your mileage may vary here! We're passing the chrome extension id stuff to it, and it gets as far as letting you select a source. Off-Topic question, are you using Ubuntu Maa S or is that a tld choice of your own?

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This client is a virtual machine, running Ubuntu 16.04, and has no camera or microphone.In other words I'm not sure this is something directly overlooked on the Rocket Chat team's part.