Why are capricorn woman icy and aloof at times

08-May-2014 03:06

In-fact, Capricorns are so career-minded, relationships can become secondary in their pursuit for stability.

Anyone dating a Capricorn who is not financially stable, may feel neglected as the Capricorn chases his or her dreams.

When a guy asks me my sign and I tell him a Capricorn I receive different reactions.

Some say, "Oh, Capricorn's are cool." Others will frown and start listing all the negative traits they feel belong to Capricorns.

For example, most Capricorns are shrewd when it comes to business, they love the almighty dollar, maybe a little too much. Overly ambitious, this is because most men and women Capricorns value themselves by success and a Capricorn whose finances are not in order is an insecure Capricorn.

Some have confessed they felt Capricorn women were difficult to get along with. So since I am a Capricorn woman, although I cannot speak for all Capricorn women, I decided to give men insight on how to love and understand the Capricorn woman.

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