Who is puff johnson dating

24-Mar-2016 05:58

Ishmael ‘Ish’ Morabe (41) opens up about drugs, his relationship with the late American singer Puff Johnson, and his comeback as a solo artist.Growing up my mother liked throwing parties, so there was always music playing at our shack in Delareyville, North West. At school I was always involved with any event music related like concerts; I was also part of the school band.

My career didn’t really take off and I wasn’t making money.I left Delareyville in Grade 10, in the late 90s, to pursue a music career in Joburg.Fortunately, I could stay a few months with a friend’s relative in Hillbrow while I found my feet. Since then I’ve been in groups like Prophets of the City and Skeem.I loved that feeling, and with cocaine one hit is enough to get you hooked… I never went out to find the drugs; they were always readily available through friends.

I was a celebrity, adored by many people who would do anything for me.The singer who moved to South Africa in 2008, responded to treatment well, but two year later the cancer returned with vengeance.