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15-Feb-2015 21:27

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So this one’s a lot more cohesive, it’s a progression from the last EP. But, for instance, Will has been a huge part of what we’re about to release, and some of the music on the last record.

We’ve been writing a lot of the songs together, which has been an absolute treat. Just because, the nature of the last EP was four songs they’d been doing over the course of years and then three songs that we did together in a matter of a couple months. We’ve been putting a lot of hours into what we’re doing and we’re proud of it. CT: I don’t want it to be referred to as a solo project by any means. It’s been about fifteen years, but you know, I’m sure I could pick it back up.

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And I think the songs are some of the strongest I’ve heard in a long time. Nothing’s concrete yet, but I would hope at some point in the future it would be. Was it just that you’d been writing this kind of stuff and needed an outlet? CT: I think that, like I said before, we just wanted to write what we like. I think now we kind of know where we want to go; before we were like “you know what, I really like this song. ” And we were like “yeah, I think so.” What have you been listening to? ” was always within the context of the song and not like “oh, well this band is doing this, so we’ve got to try and do something like this.” It was all for the sake of the song rather than putting it on other people or trying to fit into something, and I think it really came out – the mixing isn’t finished yet – but where we left it, it’s very unique and individual, which I think any band tries to go for. But really all our focus is making sure that the Chroma ten-year stuff is exactly the way it needs to be. Is that something you’re really pursuing right now? Pop-punk is certainly something I’m adept at; I know it.

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