Visual basic updating an xml dataset

13-May-2015 12:48

Click 'Update records using a Command Builder ' The variable i gives the number of records updated Dim cmdbuilder As New Odbc.I want to go through all the records in the source table, lookup a field called ("Txn ID") to locate the record in the target table. Item(0)) 'If the a row with a similar Txn ID exists, do the following validation If Not (lookup Row Is Nothing) Then If lookup Row. To String "Regular" Then 'do something here to overwrite/update the matching row End If Else 'If the row does not exist, import it ds. Import Row(dr) End If Next 'Update Access db Adapter. Close() End Sub Perhaps I need to mention that both tables have exact column names except for Access "dt Target" has additional ones, which does not seem to be causing problem at least with the import row. This should get you started, For more help with Access and the insert /Update on the adapter see this link Dim conn Str As String = "Provider=SQLNCLI10; Server=(local); Database=My New Test; Uid=user; Pwd=******;" Dim select Cmd As String = "select * from Identity Test" Dim db Adapter As New Ole Db.Bind variables are placeholders inside a SQL statement.When a database receives a SQL statement, it determines if the statement has already been executed and stored in memory.Although the documentation states, that any class conforms to the W3C XML 1.0 standard, there are trade-offs in respect to performance, efficiency, productivity, and XML compliance between the different implementations.

Thus the following table summarizes very briefly the characteristics of each method and shows when to use which technology.This is a valid and allowed design according to the W3C XML schema specification. It does not support recursive schemas or designs where a child node type is beneath more than one parent node type. Data Grid, which we were going to use, have the same restriction.(Refer: W3C definition of Parent child Relationship). Of course, also all classes based on Data Sets, like the System. In other words: If you can't break change the existing XML Schema (for example because you are not the owner of the file), there are two ways to solve the problem: you customize all your ode, or you write a converter. Close() End Sub Private Sub Form1_Load(By Val sender As System.

Odbc Command("Select * from trial1", cn) adp = New Odbc.

Fill(o Dt Target) 'for each Txn ID in our source table For Each dr As Data Row In o Dt Source. Column Name & "] = " & dr("Txn ID")) 'if there is a match (assuming there will only be one) and the column 8 contents (this is column 9 in reality) 'dowes not equal "Regular" then proceed to run the ole adapter update statement else insert If o Rows In Target.

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