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The School of the Museum of Fine Arts offers art programs affiliated with a major museum, the Museum of Fine Arts.

Tufts is a charter member of and athletically competes in the New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC).

The methods of instruction which he initiated were based on the tutorials that were conducted in the University of Oxford and the University of Edinburgh.

Now more than 160 years old, Tufts is the third oldest college in the Boston area. President Ballou died in 1861 and was succeeded by Alonzo Ames Miner.

It was also in 1852 that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts chartered Tufts College, noting the college should promote "virtue and piety and learning in such of the languages and liberal and useful arts as shall be recommended".

During his tenure, Ballou spent a year travelling and studying in the United Kingdom.

Two years later Alexander Graham Bell would receive the patent.

For more than a century, Tufts was a small New England liberal arts college.

French American nutritionist and former professor at the Harvard School of Public Health, Jean Mayer, became president of Tufts in the late 1970s and, through a series of rapid acquisitions, transformed the school into a larger research university.

His student at the college, Frederick Stark Pearson would eventually become one of America's pioneers of the electrical power industry.

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He became responsible for the development of the electric power and electric street car systems which many cities in South America and Europe used. Babcock who developed the first practical test to determine the amount of butterfat in milk.

Tufts University is a private research university incorporated in the municipality of Medford, Massachusetts, United States.