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Sorry I have no special or catchy phrase to say I'm just me. All I know is that mud holes and trucks are a gift given by the heavens.

Romania (dated: Rumania, Roumania; Romanian: România, IPA: [ro.m? It shares a border with Hungary and Serbia to the west, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova to the northeast, and Bulgaria to the south.

And don't send me a message starting with Hey Babe Iam not your Babe... Id like to meet people who are'nt afraid to step out of the box and their comfort Zone do something diffrent for once. Leaning More to Buddhism, I reacently turned Straight Edge I know funny to have a Profile on here Huh, Dont like It F**K Off, I Speak My Mind Often, If smoking and Drinking are your Thing than Do It, But I don't Find It Sexy Or Attractive.. Xmwahlaurenxiv already written all of this haha (look in my interests) """****"""Hey""****""" I'm Lauren , 18 female i was born in Essex then grew up in London and recently moved to the Nottinghamshire area and its all good!!


Romania has a stretch of sea coast along the Black Sea.

It is located roughly in the lower basin of the Danube and almost all of the Danube Delta is located within its territory. As a nation-state, the country was formed by the merging of Moldavia and Wallachia in 1859 and it gained recognition of its independence in 1878.

my idols would have to be god, my mother, and my ex because he showed me alot in life. Keep it brutal bitches xoxo i love music, heavy metal, speed metal, throwdown, industrial shit, grindcore, grunge, ska, punk, emo, alt, classic, and whatever...

i lik action, fantasy, love stories, and i LOVE scary movies(although im a big wimp and get scared to death) and comedy. coffee, old horror movies, STEVEN LYNCH, car shows, bike shows, ebay, *Brett Zarro @ fuckin awesome), Betty Paige, ROB ZOMBIE, tats, flash a X_mizz.d_x Well i came on to this site coz sum1 invited me and im still workin out how to get around...

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I Love Tattoo's and Body Piercing's, And Dirty Punk Rock Boys. I'm always down to meet new people..normally just kinda go with the flow of things..

well i have a boyfriend of 2 years now.&& i would have to say that im a rather out going person. but i guess that is really all you could say about me.. loves/[x]miss.princess.pixie[x]Im Pixie Pie, AKA Cherry Pie Im From The UK I have Blonde Hair Im 17 Im Bi Im not ashamed of my sexuality Im a Bitch You either exept me for who i am or you dont Im A dance,drama and vocal student training to be a performing arts teacher Im quite small for my age I Love my Jon! and yeah, if you want to know more, send me messages/comments x x x dancing Drama Singing Music Photography Jenifer Lopez Jesse{my best friend) Kayte Drop Dead Fred Beetle juice Nightmare before christmas Spongebob Squarepants-the movie thirteen Edward scissorhands Practical magic Sha'll we dance corpse bride napolean dynamite Xmissmurderx THA INFO& Tha name is Brandi Tha nicknames are Killah B, Nicki, Raizen, Nicki-Cole Tha age is 19 Imma JUGGALETTE Im MARRIED and IN LOVE I have a ♥Daughter♥ I am Bisexual WUT I LIKE TAH DO Spend time wid tha HUSBAND Watchin` out for my lil PRINCESS Chill wid muh HOMIEZ/FRIENDZ Listen tah MUSIC cant live wid out dat! V Watch MOVIEZ Chillin` on tha COMPUTER Chattin` tah FRIENDS LIKES My Husband Juggalos/Juggalettes Shaggy 2 Dope Violent J Monoxide Child Jamie Madrox & ALL PSYCHOPATHIC BITCH Ville Valo Johnny Depp AMY LEE Bam Margera Benji Madden Black The Dark Eyeliner & nailpolish on guys Gay & Bi guys Gurlz who wear black & has piercings Guys making out Music Guys who wear gurls pants & are straight Tattoos Piercings Cemetaries Concerts Dark Hair Pretty Eyes Smile Xmiscreated-mondayxim...awesome :| not really just lazy to typer about me i love...everything lol.add more when i can be bothered ADAM D =D Pulp Fiction Resevoir Dogs Donnie Darko Fight Club American History X Romper Stomper Xmissyhxwell i 16 frm leeds. I amor all types of music except that death metal crap that can make you go deaf y that country crap. Xmizz X Americuntx First of all, I have pics and more info on ~~~**Zombie's deluxe, blood and gore- Bleach blond whores and hardcore porn.

if you can get along with me && all of that kind of stuff . bit mental at tyms alwayz up 4 a laff n can take a joke unless its about sum serious 2 me or ma friends den i not happy n i turn in2 a ryt bitch, apart frm dat i easy 2 get along wit. luv ya all suzy xxx Xmissnymphetamine420My name is Molly Im Plus Size Pushing 27 years old Single Mother of one My daughter comes FIRST Nursing assistant/Medication Aide Im a nurturer Motivated Classy Tattooed Sensitive I belong by the sea. xsheislegend RMXmissdemeanorxabstract thinking, aliens, ancient egypt, anne rice, anti-religion, archeology, art, astrology, automatic writing, black eyeliner, blood, body piercings, body art, bondage, books, bradley method, camping, candles, celestine prophecy, celts, channeling, cherokee indians, chocolate, civil rights, collecting, colourbars, computers, concerts, creative writing, creativity, dancing, dianetics, divination, egyptology, electronic voice phenomena, erotica, evolution, experiencing, fairies, feminisim, films, freaks, free-thinkers, freedom from religion, geeks, geneology, ghost stories, gothica, gouls, graphics, grimoires, guides, hauntings, healings, herbal remedies, high heels, history, holistic healing, humanism, icons, Internet, Isis, journaling, karma, Las Vegas, learning, leeching, lip gloss, literature, lucid dreaming, magick, mania, meditation, mediums, mediumship, metaphysics, midwifery, modern primitives, music, musicals, my children, mythology, native american history, native american dis ya grl Amanda... im a real down to earth sweet person who doesnt have time for bullshit. Short black skirts, fishnet tights- With leather boots, heels so high. FAVORS ARE MORE DANGEROUS THAN A BULLET, IN MY OPINION!

hit me up on myspace i check it more often music, art, modified people,hot girls!!

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Xmodifiedxim modified, into art and tattooing, i like to hang out with friends and party, anything else just ask! im probably the most up front and blunt person you will ever meet.

You still have the sky, the people you care about you, the people who can help you, and most importantly you have yourself Indeed life has given rather enough gifts for us to experience great things.… continue reading »

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She observed that the difference between the current generation of women and those of decades gone by is as stark as day and night.… continue reading »

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