Stoner dating tips

18-Jun-2015 21:30

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It killed me, but at least he wasn't lying anymore, right?

I've always told him how much it hurts me that he smokes, and honestly feel like he doesn't care enough about me to even try to quit.

) with their date ideas, because unfortunately we aren´t yet allowed to spark up a doobie in a bar.

Enjoy the eight best date ideas for your next date with the herb!

I feel like he's choosing pot over me, which I know isn't the case, but I can't stop thinking about the time he got high in front of me.

It kills me when I call him or he goes to an event with me high, or if I can even smell it on him and knew he was doing it earlier. And to make it worse, his parents are completely oblivious and the type that don't care what he does or who he's with.

Is your stoned significant other a little bit of a nerd?

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This movie experience makes you feel like you are almost in the movie, and is should make your stoned date a very interesting one.Optimizing a date for a stoner couple means taking time to think not only about what stoners like to do, but what really tickles the heart strings of your significant other.