Speed dating chesterfield

21-Dec-2014 04:20

Privilege waivers usually involve voluminous discovery, where a needle in a haystack is accidentally shared with a party who should not have access to it.

When Bishop Eaton reminds us of our church-wide mission, does this question come to mind? This gathering will help us to see our gifts as tools God gave us to minister to the world around us, with the love of Christ.

Vivia Chen, writing over at Law.com, has the scoop on a new practice from Herrick Feinstein: Then, with drinks in hand, each student picked a bar table and chatted up a hiring committee member for five minutes. When you think about it, they both lead to the same emotional roller coaster: the thrill of that initial nibble of interest; the wild, intoxicated honeymoon of the summer; the grim reality of your first year; the nerve-racking senior days as you wait out the partnership proposal because you’re not getting any younger; and then you’re either dumped in favor of the next younger class or you settle into a lifetime of boring missionary legal practice.

(Students were told to come prepared with an elevator pitch on why they should be hired.) After five minutes, a bell rang, and students went to a new table to meet another lawyer. Some may see this as a little less staid than the traditional model, but frankly this is a far superior approach to the initial interview.

So it should come as no surprise that one law firm has taken the model to the next level and shifted its traditional on-campus interviewing more toward the speed dating model.Feel free to email any tips, questions, or comments.

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