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We also know that the use of these technologies requires not just literacy, but computer literacy.

On AOL, there are methods of obtaining data on the number of people using a specific chat room and of determining the total number of chat rooms at a given point in time.

I will also discuss one of the dangers faced by social scientists who do investigations entirely within the constraints of a text only medium, the ease with which misinterpretations can be made there.

The locational focus of my study was online chat rooms, virtual rooms where multiple users of an online service (in this case AOL) can "chat" by sending each other both public and private text messages.

However, Turkle maintains that her choice not to use online interviews is based on the focus of her work, not for fear of fundamental flaw in the method.

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Just as in other places where people get together socially, some of those who meet in online chat rooms later choose to have sexual relationships with each other.

Most of the existing social scientific research of the online world has been ethnographic.

Given the prevalence of ethnographic methodology in the study of social phenomenon in text based virtual environments, it is surprising that it's use in cyberspace has yet to be analysed in any great detail.

(Hamman, 1996) These forms of cybersex, according to Nguyen and Alexander, are often satisfying enough that they can "evoke physical orgasm" for many of the participants.

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(Nguyen & Alexander, 1996, 116)In my research of cybersex chat, I decided to use an ethnographic approach, following the precedent of some other important studies of cyberspace (Reid 1991, 1994; Turkle 1995; Baym 1996).Following this, I will discuss several of the problems encountered by researchers of cyberspace.

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