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There has over time been a move to devolve certain powers of decision to a Welsh level, starting in 1906 with the establishment of a "Wales and Monmouthshire" Education Board.

One of the greatest British statesmen of the 20th Century was the Welshman David Lloyd George, who is the only Prime Minister whose first language was not English (it was Welsh).

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The area of central Glamorgan, in particular, became a national focus for coal mining and steel production, while the ports of Cardiff and Swansea established themselves as commercial centres, offering banking, shopping and insurance facilities.

Wales was once an independent, though rarely unified nation, with a strong Celtic and Druidical tradition but when King Edward I defeated Llywelyn the Last in 1282, the nation fell under the jurisdiction of England.

At first, it was ruled as a separate country, but rebellion by Prince Owain Glyndŵr (considered in modern times as the 'Father of Welsh nationalism') saw incremental incorporation into England, being formally annexed through the Laws in Wales Acts 1535–1542.

Since 1988, Wales has had its own legislature separate from Westminster, known as the National Assembly for Wales, with the First Minister being the leader of the Welsh government.

Wales is governed by a combination of local, Wales-, UK- and Europe-wide institutions.Travellers are attracted to Wales because of its beautiful landscape, including the mountains and coast of its three contrasting national parks, the wealth of history and large number of imposing castles.