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Paige did not drink at Barnett’s house and was able to provide a full account of what she thought happened.She was taken into a back room and despite repeatedly saying, ‘no’ she said she was raped by the 15-year-old who she knew.

Daisy’s physician father, Michael had been killed when the car he was driving hit black ice and plummeted into a ravine.

Daisy, then 10, and her brother, Logan, then 9, were in the car but escaped.

Two months after the boys were charged, just a day after a long conversation with White, in which he implied the case would be a lengthy, drawn out affair followed by a trial, the charges were dropped. After the last conversation I had with the Sheriff, I thought everything was on track and then all of a sudden the case was dropped.

Victims: The Barnett family claim their son has taken the allegations extremely badly and he now faces a fresh investigation after public pressure forced prosecutor re-opened the case into Daisy's (above) alleged rape The abuse only added to the family’s ordeal and there were numerous times when Mrs Coleman considered giving up.

But now it looks like she might have finally achieved her goal and got the case reopened.

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