Seniordatingscene com

27-May-2014 14:57

On average, singles are spending 0 million per year on dating services.

According to a Harvard Medical School study, men’s early-life competition for female attention shortens their lives by three months, leaving even fewer men for senior ladies to date.Susie was divorced in her 30th year of marriage and she had no clue what was happening on the senior dating scene or even how to go about it.For us, our love happened quickly and Susie wasn’t ever actually on the dating scene–and we have been very happy together ever since.By allowing them to find entertainment in their golden years, people will become more accepting of their own aging process and needs.

One thing is for sure–Dating can be scary, unknown territory, especially in midlife, after the age of 50.

A quick search on Google for “Senior Life” reveals what most seniors are confronted with daily: information about their declining health, life expectancy rates, and Viagra.