Ryosuke dating

15-Jan-2017 14:36

Even though she chose Ryosuke was her ideal type, it seems like they never became more than friends. Ryosuke and Mirai were on the same TV drama when they were young.

There was a photo of the two that released some speculations, and also a witness who commented that the both seemed very close friends, leading to the rumor of them dating, but their companies never confirmed.

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About his ideal date, he mentioned that he would like to go to the ocean, zoo and ride ferris wheel at night.

Mariya and Ryosuke went to the same high school and the rumours of them dating started at that time.

She started being bullied at school by other students for being Ryosuke’s girlfriend and ended up moving to a different school.

Ryosuke said that his ideal type of girlfriend is a girl who is open, faithful, kind and has a nice smile.

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He also likes someone who is open to what they think, but always consider others.

Then she joined Tomoiki Ki o Uetai from 2005 until 2006, where she moved on to the current group, Cute. Project announced that Arihara was having difficulty performing onstage due to having hallux valgus, or bunion deformity, and would not be able to attend the Haro Ten Fanclub event that week. Project activities, including activities in Cute, while receiving treatment.

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