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The ice needs to be sawn at an angle so that the resulting block doesn't get pushed under and is easy to remove.You insert smaller ice-screws into the blocks and pull them out with ropes to complete your very own maina.All I knew was that I was in Russia and that it was cold.It had been a long haul - a flight to Moscow, an unfortunate mix-up with arrival times resulting in an overnight with little sleep, a long wait at Moscow airport and then, taking a big chance, an Aeroflot flight to Murmansk.

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He told me there was one that covered almost all the face, leaving gaps only for the reg and mask, but that it looked like a gimp mask! I left in warm spring sunshine and, 36 hours later, arrived in the middle of nowhere.

Ice-diving is like diving on an umbilical with your buddy on a line.

One line and two divers is safest if anything goes wrong and you need to reach your buddy.

Who would want to cut a hole in the ice and dive beneath it, when you can go to the tropics and do it without a drysuit? The only place you can ice-dive in the sea in Russia is the White Sea, just above and below the Arctic Circle.

(I have since discovered that 90% of Russian divers head straight for the Red Sea, and who could blame them? Anyway it couldn't get much colder than 0°C and that should be bearable. I also just had to meet my Russian contact, name of Boris Smirnov, and share a few vodkas with him.

Russians have only two words for cold or, at least, that's what I was told. If you're diving beneath the ice for any length of time, you start to distinguish between the different sensations produced by the low temperatures. Its waters freeze from December until April/May, but apparently the best time to go is in mid-March.

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