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21-Mar-2016 23:03

The people that know me like my family, my friends and the people I am intimate with, they know, and that's what matters to me. I understand that our experiences are not the same.

I really don't care about the next person two blocks from here that wants to know and because they don't, they think that I'm keeping a secret--no. I've never been the victim of abuse and my heart goes out to him for having to deal with such an unfortunate ordeal.

I grew up watching Patterson as a child performer on Disney's Kid's Incorporated and I identified with him even then, ironically we had more in common than just a talent for performing. So what do you think about Rahsaan Patterson's views on his homosexuality? It is unfortunate that many do not fully accept or understand that homesexuality isn't a lifestyle or a choice, it is just a part of who one is.

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We all have chosen/discovered different ways to cope with and come to terms with who we are as same gender loving individuals—that is the beauty of self-discovery.

We all possess sexuality and we all possess the ability to be sexual with whoever we choose to be and that is not all of who we are. I think sometimes people get hung up on that and it takes away from someone's true purpose. But I believe it's sends a potentially dangerous message.