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Considered the birthplace of French America, it played a major role in the social and economic development of the French, and later English, St. Beginning in the 1860s, competition from the Port of Montreal led to the decline of Quebec City’s port and, by extension, the Place-Royale district.

In the 1940s, its state of dilapidation prompted plans for an ambitious reconstruction project that was completed in the 1970s and 1980s to restore its French colonial character.

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In the following decades, Place-Royale would be rebuilt in keeping with planning principles intended to prevent a tragic event like the 1682 fire.

Two- and even three-story houses were built partially or completely in stone with thick firewalls rising above the roofline to prevent the spread of fire, although mansard roofs were covered with cedar planks or shingles in violation of the prohibition of those materials.

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And it was here that a market was held starting around 1640 Most of the approximately 60 houses in the area were single-story wooden dwellings with plank or cedar shingle roofs.From that point forward, construction in Place-Royale quickly reached its limit and the district changed little until the end of the French Regime.