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A voice recognition system for a PC (personal computer) that cost ,000 in the late 1980s can be gotten now for 0 - 00.[Endnote 1] High-tech accessibility aids rarely require special computers.Despite the fact that job accommodations, in general, are reasonably priced, many employers overestimate the cost, assuming that people with disabilities depend on expensive and exotic technical aids.A businessperson of my acquaintance vehemently opposed providing text-enlargement software to an employee with low-vision because it costs "at least 00." In reality, the price tag of state-of-the-art text-enlargement software is about Cdn5, and less expensive alternatives are available.Arguing against the commonly-held view that accommodations are always expensive, it will be shown that most accommodations cost little or nothing to acquire, have reasonable costs to implement, and actually add value to the workplace.

The bottom line is that accommodating employees makes good business sense.Treating people equally does not always mean treating them the same.