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not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity. My stories range from oneshots to short fics to chaptered stories. Bae's: @motherpanic is my best fucking friend and fellow Frank crotch enthusiast, @dangergays (that sarcastic bitch whom I love), @therevengeparade (life and shared fangirling of Thor AND STUCKY) @seraphstarshine (coolest mofo in town and a pain in women's clothing but I love him so stfu), @cyanideghoul (number 1 fan apparently) @Voidless Iero (I love that bitch, number 2 fan and mogician stan) feel free to inbox. Instagram: tragicianchildmustgoat Twitter: That Jedi Killjoy ao3: xotragician_child xoxo Prkr This account is rated PG for Pretty Gay Call me [Cat] bc it's short for catastrophic Porn is great, it makes me excited -Jack2k16 I' M WRITING THIS GAY SMUT AND WISHING YOU WELL, MAMA WE ALL GO TO HELL (She/her) Back up account : @iamcatastrophicc Instagram: @iamcatastrophic Hey, I'm Beth, and welcome to my account!It's quite unlikely that your special friends from High School Story will join you in Hollywood U (that would mean High School Story is over), but they might make cameos time to time, either to advertise High School Story or for a special crossover. I played that one while waiting for lunch and no way I could replay it like I could replay 1 September 2011 on Persona 4. In 20th century, games came with elaborate user manuals to help creating the game's mythology, since at that time games and computers had limited memory and capability and people were keener to read. ------------- 6.1 Entourage ------------- Real celebrities' entourage consists of few minions, besties and bros. Except for the special characters - they are uneditable.

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Created by awritingdog for Game FAQs, Neo Seeker, and Super Cheats Copyright 2015 Mario Rustan Mail: politicsbrat at gmail Hollywood U is a property of Pixelberry Studios ______________________________________________________________________ _________________ TABLE OF CONTENTS __________________ Press Ctrl F together to jump to a section you're looking for! Hollywood U requires i OS 6 or later (meaning you'll need at least i Phone 3GS to be able to play) and Android 3 (Honeycomb) or later. I'm still saving diamonds for Song, so I suppose when I've bought her, she'll be processed at the Admissions Office and there will be extra quests related to her. It's considered sold when you tap "Buy" ONCE and there's an icon of a hanger with the number of that outfit in your possession. PREMIUM): Ew, looks like middle school dance night. Let Them Eat Cake (200 cash): More like women who decapitated Marie Antoniette than the queen. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a message. (They/Him pronouns please.) My favorite things to do are read, write, sing, practicing on my guitar and obsessing over people who'll never know I exist...

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