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11-Jul-2016 01:51

Even beyond this, both Reeves and Phoenix were persistently rumored to be gay or bisexual themselves (in fact, a tall tale echoes to this day that Reeves and David Geffen were secretly wed in Europe years ago! Playing a queer character was not an acknowledgement of one’s own queerness, but it was certainly not a denial either, and neatly left open the maximum number of possibilities for their fans to interpret their images.Like James Dean, who was a gay fan icon in the 1950s, and persistently rumored to be gay himself, Phoenix had an image of boyish vulnerability under a tough façade, making him popular with both men and straight women. Really the only thing I have ever found interesting about him was his friendship with River Phoenix and the rumors that they may have been more than friends. Anyway here are pictures of River and Keanu: My Own Private Idaho is the only movie I have ever though he did any kind of acting in, but that's probably because River was able to bring out whatever meager talent he had. I actually need to go back and watch The Matrix because I don't remember anything LOL Did anyone see his movie 47 Ronin? (He perhaps somewhat selfishly did have the fate of the movie itself in mind.

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Phoenix and Dean both died young, their personal lives remain mostly unknown, and their screen histories were left to be subjectively rewritten in our eyes as foreshadowing their deaths, reflective of any mysteries about their off-screen existences—they are the only “clues” we have to work with in the absence of the living.

I've never heard anyone say Keanu is douche, seems like the nicest person in Hollywood from a second hand experience.

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