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05-Dec-2016 07:19

The three most popular domestic websites among Slovenian internet users are the information services 24and, and the classified ads service

In August 2015 these websites were visited by 46.7 per cent, 36.9 per cent and 36 per cent of internet users, respectively. 'The overview of the top 10 publishers in Slovenia has been more or less similar for quite some time.

He is involved in the development of a comprehensive solution for Slovenian advertising market, which would contribute an important breakthrough to the protection of local markets against big global players and simplify the advertising on the internet, which became puzzling due to its almost perfect measurability.

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You will be required to submit to the Administrative Unit: Both marriage partners should be present when applying at the Administrative Unit.

If this is not possible, then the absent fiancé(e) must submit a notarized Power of Attorney, which also must be translated into Slovene, authorizing a third person to sign the Administrative Unit document regarding his/her intent to marry.

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After the marriage has been performed, the Administrative Unit will issue a marriage certificate.

A foreigner may get married in Slovenia, either to a Slovene citizen or to another foreigner.

Under Slovene law, only a civil marriage service is considered valid, although you may then have a religious ceremony if you wish.

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What is interesting is that the topics of lifestyle, wellbeing, healthcare and healthy living are increasingly popular in Slovenia – we can see two health-related publishers in the top 10. In the Gemius expert's opinion it is worth mentioning a well-known reason for the issues that publishers are facing on the Slovenian market.

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