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Not long after, the girl went to his house where the two had sex.Hart kept up his demands and claimed the girl had agreed to have sex twice with him. Two days later, she went again to Hart's house, where they had sex again, in spite of the girl's "clearly voiced" objections. He hugged her and consoled her, but then carried on raping her.I love being a therapist because it allows me to connect with diverse people in a deep, meaningful way and to have the privilege of trying to help them on their unique journeys.I'm a diplomate in sex therapy as well as a licensed psychologist, and I am trained in EMDR, hypnotherapy,and two methods of couples counseling as well.Afterward, she left the house and returned to school.Not long after, Hart began his campaign of blackmailing his third victim, who was 17 at the time.

Individuals and couples have been experiencing sexual problems as far back as we can remember; it's only over the past decade that it has become more acceptable to acknowledge sexual problems.""My work is a vocation, not a job.

About a year later - while he was on bail on the blackmail charge - he befriended another girl through another online site and, during the course of their discussions, she revealed to him she was 13.