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23-Oct-2016 06:18

Giving the spiritual and the physical a chance to interconnect and interweave during masturbation is a practice you can take great joy in – simply have a spiritual masturbation!

Just as having sex with another person can help connect you with the divine, so can sex with yourself.

On the other hand, some of us may be more connected to being the giver, while yet others might relate more to being an observer.

To get to know your sexual self better, it helps to know where your mind takes you.

If it is a watered down version of the behavior the addict is trying to quit, it has the potential to simply prolong the process of withdrawal.

Finding out about your inner self in whatever way you can is always a good thing.

I am returning to this topic because it is one that comes up repeatedly in sex addiction counseling.

Masturbation to pornographic images or fantasies is not necessarily an unhealthy thing on its own.

But for sex addicts the uncontrollable acting out of particular sexual fantasies and the act of masturbating while having specific sexual fantasies are very similar processes.

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If the addict’s preferred acting out behavior is visiting prostitutes, going to sexual massage parlors, anonymous sexual hook-ups, cyber sex, porn, serial seduction or more likely some combination of behaviors, the fantasies that accompany masturbation will likely mirror those activities.For these recovered addicts, masturbation is often neither compelling or triggering.

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