Global address list not updating in outlook

01-Dec-2014 07:55

You can see the list of attributes that will be put into the GAL using When Outlook users are running in cached mode, they rely on the Offline Address Book (OAB) to provide them with access to one or more addresses (that are always available when they are connected directly to Exchange) The OAB is rebuilt and downloaded on a default schedule as shown below.

Because of this, a new user may not be visible in the address book, or changes to a user’s name, address, etc.

(GSSMO) for your domain, your Global Address List in G Suite automatically becomes available to each GSSMO user in Microsoft Outlook.

This happens with no setup effort on your part as long as contact sharing is enabled in your Google Admin console. Your Global Address List includes all G Suite users, groups, shared contacts, and resources defined in your domain.

This document seeks to address and clarify the small misunderstanding surrounding the GAL (Global Address List) and the OAB (Offline Address Book).

Quite often all Administrators, even Exchange Administrators simply refer to the users they see in the Address section of Outlook casually as the GAL for ease of reference, but really more often than not, you are looking at the OAB.

This situation however is extremely rare since the default maintenance time on Exchange is at AM and updates and downloads are usually performed during working hours.

*** NOTE: The GAL is essentially a real-time / online representation of AD Objects that are Mail Enabled for Microsoft Exchange *** The GAL contains information for all email enabled users, Distribution Groups, and Shared Mailboxes and Exchange Resource Mailboxes.

(Note, however, that it can take up to 24 hours for updates to became available in Outlook, or for the Global Address List to become available at all after first installing GSSMO).If not cached locally, the mail server keeps a file which contains all this data. This allows the user to access mail and contacts while not connected to the Exchange Server.

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