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Sonagachi is one of Calcutta’s largest red light districts – narrow alleys, lined with small ‘apartments’ and corner stores form a confusing and nightmarish maze. Champa Das’ decision to grant me access to her life has not been taken easily.The buildings lean into the street, the roads are crowded, it’s hot. Sonagachi is one of the very few places in India where women have a higher street profile than men. 9000 women, many of them trafficked into the country from Bangladesh or Nepal, work in Sonagachi.

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Champa Das’ arms are lined with old cuts and her face is battered. Champa Das remarks, “The lady who owns this building rents out ten rooms like mine.

Unfortunately the scale of the trade makes things like this hard to enforce.” It’s hard to verify figures like this independently, but sex workers all over Calcutta tell a different story. They live with the disease, not knowing they are infected, because the DMSC is worried that HIV positive women will be ostracized.” Given the conservatism, the public double standards and secrecy surrounding AIDS/HIV, the epidemic is likely to get much worse.