Debunk 8 dating myths

05-Dec-2016 03:06

Having gotten a taste of it, here are some myths of the married life that we wish someone had busted for us from day one. Equality exists (Credits) If men and women were ever made equal, both sexes should have the same level of tolerance for dirt, threshold for pain, and most of all, earning ability.

The fact is, none of that would ever be possible because I find myself cooking, cleaning the dishes, doing laundry, and everything.

Are these truly requirements and worthy of dismissing a man who does not possess the quality?

Out of this you will begin to refine your list of must-have’s, nice to have’s and who cares/what was I thinking.

There are two things you can do that will immediately improve your experience with men: 1. Know what you want and must have, and make sure it’s the “Grownup You” doing the picking; not the 18-year-old who still expects all kinds of wacky things that no longer matter and wouldn’t make you happy anyway. Aren’t your “quirks” what you want men to love about you? • How does this belief impact your actions (or inaction), and how is that affecting your outcomes? Yep, that’s a surefire way to avoid ever being hurt or rejected.

Be willing to forgo the idea of perfection and find a REAL man. ) Here are some action steps to get you started: • Get honest with yourself by getting to the core of your belief that there are no quality men. If you believed otherwise, how would it change your dating experiences? (Listen, I was the master of this, but finally learned how I consistently self sabotaged.

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As a Dating and Relationship Coach for Women over 40, I conducted a survey and asked women to tell me their biggest dating challenge as a woman in her 40s, 50s and beyond. You are merely a victim of nasty and sad circumstance, rather than a strong, smart woman in charge of her life. Quickly dismissing men is most often about self-protection and reliving past experiences in the present.I have heard one too many story of dead drunk husbands turning into completely different people in their drunken stupor and even threatening divorce in frustration, although everything goes back to normal the very next day. Our honeymoon period will last forever (Credits) The honeymoon period brings about a sense of heightened bliss – everything the husband does or says is right because he has your best interests, and life is almost perfect.

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