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During her first Alexander Technique lesson, she had no pain and experienced a sense of wholeness and peace of mind.

While taking lessons, she experienced such calm and ease throughout her body.

When these relationships ended he had no idea how to meet new girls, spending a lot of time feeling frustrated and like he was one of the unlucky ones who wasn't meant to be successful with women.

That all changed when one day, browsing the internet, he came across Love Systems. Love Systems transformed David's life and gave him the skills necessary to build up his social life and get successful with women.

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During her career as an Alexander Technique teacher, she has witnessed hundreds of students come to her slouched, stiff, miserable, and in pain.

Do you have a lifestyle that makes you happy with who you are?

Does your lifestyle show the best sides of yourself to women you meet?

His teaching style is based around the individual; everyone is different and Vox tailors his coaching to each student.

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From helping them with their first approaches to building lifestyles that attract women, he loves teaching students and seeing them overcome their sticking points and start enjoying success with women they deserve.

After one lesson (which includes Sharon’s expert hands-on guidance), students feel light, calm, and leave with smiles.