Dating ideas

10-May-2014 01:04

The Diva Central team hand-picks and delivers just what YOUR marriage needs now to help you heal, to help you reconnect with your spouse, and to help strengthen your relationship in ways you never thought possible! No two marriages are the same, just as no two Diva Central memberships are the same!

Since your marriage is unique, Diva Central is totally customized to what your marriage needs right now. Diva Central is here to help you navigate the hard and celebrate the good! I have also found tons of fun ideas, great articles, and content that I can really relate to.

Marriage is a personal journey you’re on with your spouse. In a nutshell, it has given me inspiration and tools to use for improvement in communication with my husband, fun date ideas, and unbelievably creative printables.

My boyfriend is in the military and is gone SO much for LONG periods of time!

That’s why we’ve compiled a fabulous and oh-so-festive list of 50 of the BEST basket ideas – just for you!

I make him packages for the time he’s going to be gone with the ideas you have and then planning a nice weekend of cute romance for when he comes home!

It has helped us keep our relationship strong through all the separations! I’m going into my second marriage – I got married very young and didn’t understand all of the work that a marriage requires.

Make up stories about the people who pass you, as if you’re writing a novel. Try to understand life from your spouse’s perspective. Find a book you both enjoy and take turns reading to each other, or each of you can read your own book in each other’s company. Lay out a blanket and have an indoor picnic – or at least some popcorn.

If you see someone who looks sad or distressed say a prayer or lend a hand. Even if you don’t exchange shoes, at least change roles for the evening. Turn off your cell phones, computer, the TV, and the lights. It need not be original, just something you took the effort to find. If tent camping is a new experience for you, try it, you might like it. For fun you might want to randomly read a sentence from each of your respective books and see what bizarre combinations this makes. Share what you find physically attractive about your spouse.

I’m committed to working at this marriage more actively and fun things like your site are going to help that end so much.