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09-Feb-2015 20:13

Since a Vine loops endlessly, the most rewarding of them almost tell a story or have something new and interesting going on each second.A great example of this is my favorite Chubby Checker Vine.The linked porn videos are automatically gathered and added into our system by script.Images are automatically generated from the videos.It's the one where he has audience members on stage with him, and he assists an old man with a cane to the front of the stage so he can dance; there are so many things going on one after the other around him that you can watch it over and over and always see something new.They're definitely not all this magical, but this is the kind of Vine I shoot for. I remember being almost sad at the time when he left the race.His Vine channel, where he manipulates real footage into surreal, nightmarish comedy, transcends the social media platform, and moves into a place of genuine art.

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Please contact us if you have found inappropriate content.I mean, I'm sure he loves The Beatles like everyone does, but he will go off on a long rant about Ringo Starr not tipping servers and it's the funniest thing you'll ever hear.

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