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t’s probably only when looking back you realise, that when you go to see Cam Penner and Jon Wood play live, you’re going on a visit.

Really, everyone’s back in Cam’s hand-built studio shack; and in telling you, quietly but with no little pride, about its inception, its usefulness, Cam is just reminding you of where you really are.

When an unruly slide guitar, instead of remaining perched against the stool where he left it, slides to the floor as if in annoyance that it’s being ignored – it receives a confused, almost hurt, glance. A stand or a harmonica will be shown, generally, where it should wait for him and usually manages to stay there.

Jon is momentarily disturbed by the guitar’s rebellious impulse and has to look again to ensure he hasn’t imagined what he’s just witnessed. Cam moves around the stage like you’d imagine him moving around a workshop.

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you long to be able to answer, or at least help him find the answer.

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