Celiac disease dating site networking dating in atlanta

10-May-2016 14:49

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Sharing the knowledge of this common disorder can help two people come together and learn more about one another in a way they never could have imagined.

The following is a collection of resources for those who suffer from celiac disease, those who have a friend or family member with the disorder, or for those who want to be more aware about this prevalent and complicated disease.

People with the disease constantly have to watch their diet which is often connected to social situations, specifically dating circumstances.

A fancy dinner date may seem like a fun idea to anyone, but to someone with celiac disease it may cause a lot of anxiety about explaining their disease and their careful diet.

Although living with celiac disease can cause some social anxieties, dating is definitely possible, and dining while dating can still be an enjoyable experience.

For a first date, if the anxiety about a dinner date is too much to handle, outside activities such as a trip to the zoo or the park, hiking, geo-caching, or any other engaging activity that does not involve eating can be substituted for a meal date.

Despite the widespread prevalence of celiac disease, it has very serious social implications on the people it infects and their social surroundings.

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