Ben barnes and anna popplewell dating

27-May-2016 18:44

She takes a deep breath and Will starts to feel quite nervous."I was thinking about kissing you," she says. Ben follows him, finds him in his trailer, sitting on his bed with his head in his hands."Really, are you okay? Ben just grins at him, wide and open and understanding, and kisses him again."Is it all making sense now?" Ben asks gently, sitting next to him and rubbing his back. " Ben whispers against his neck as they settle down on the bed, Will underneath him."You have no idea," Will chuckles, shaking his head. Anna People probably expected something to have happened between them during filming, but it never did. They all still see each other, after a couple of weeks' break, and Will goes round to Anna's house for dinner every now and then. It seems like everyone he knows is trying to set the two of them up, but this is the first time they've actually attempted to talk about it.

Another thing that makes him feel better is alcohol, and after two beers in one of his favourite pubs, sitting and chatting with James like no time has passed at all since they last met up, he's starting to feel really, really good. It's James's openness, his willingness to share, the understanding look in his eyes.

It's after the filming of their TRL appearance that Ben puts a stop to it. ""I don't want to stay closeted for the rest of my life, either," Will snaps back, because for the moment, anger is the easiest reaction to have.

He's been quiet and moody with him for a few weeks now, so Will can't say he's surprised, but he's still pretty sure it breaks his heart."You're making it too obvious," Ben hisses, running a hand back through his hair. "I wasn't trying to out you --""I know," Ben interrupts, and his voice is softer, more sympathetic. And I know you'd never do anything on purpose, but if we keep going with this, one day you're going to slip up."Will reels, speechless."I think you know what I'm saying," Ben says quietly. James They're not really close, but they bump into each other in Covent Garden in late August, just after Will's moved to London, and they decide to go out for a drink.

Will can tell she's trying to make it sound casual, but there's a quiver in her voice that says otherwise. He loves her, the same way he loves all of his best friends. And then there followed a week or two of awkwardly holding hands in the playground while people gossiped about it, and then it was over. Maybe he's supposed to kiss her and she's supposed to kiss him back, and they're supposed to start dating.

It's clear that there's a reason she's waited until her little brother and sister have left the room to move onto this topic of conversation. It wasn't really like this, like Anna, one of his favourite people in the world, sitting here and implying that she wants him to be her boyfriend. Maybe one day he'll marry her and they'll have children. "I know."She leans against the doorframe in the following silence, and Will inspects the ground."It's a shame we had to go through all of that to figure that out," she says after a moment, and they laugh, but things still don't feel quite right."Still friends, though? Always."He holds out his hand, but she goes in to hug him, and his arm gets squished against her stomach.

She sort of sighs and presses against him, and that's when her Mum walks in. But when all the promotion for the movie starts up, things get better.

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