Avg not updating connection failed

19-Feb-2015 06:51

The oldest answer(the long post) here did not work.Besides this problem, I'm having trouble using MSI installers too.I'm saying this because I don't know how MSE updates, but if they use MSI files to do that, that might explain things.The SYSTEM group remains added, but every time I take away the read only attribute, click OK and check the settings again, read-only is still active... Screenshot, all those updates were manual: @Web Dev Hobo: you may want to use a boot disk to scan the drive as some viruses are noted for disabling AV programs once installed.In terms of the weird permissions issues, according to a Microsoft forum you can use the command below to reset the permissions on system folders and files: If you're running multiple anti virus programs (MSE, Avast! ), you shouldn't be too surprised if one or more of these programs fail to work properly.

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For the last couple of days, MSE doesn't fails to update, remaining stuck at version 1.75.119 I presume that an error log is created somewhere, or an event log, but I don't know where to find those. Tried it at home, at work and friends places, but never works.

Only then will the MSI install work and even then, it says I doesn't have the rights to create a shortcut on the desktop.