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critical and historical essays, volume iii (of 3) thomas babington macaulayadjective willing to help; kind; obliging verb (transitive) to supply or provide, esp with lodging or board and lodging (transitive) to oblige or do a favour for to adjust or become adjusted; adapt (transitive) to bring into harmony; reconcile (transitive) to allow room for; contain (transitive) to lend money to, esp on a temporary basis until a formal loan has been arranged adj.“obliging,” 1771, present participle adjective from accommodate.

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to lend money to: can you accommodate him, or are you short of cash? to make suitable or consistent; adapt: to accommodate oneself to circ*mstances. contemporary examples the good news is that governments and media of the free world are not proving quite as accommodating this time around.

disney world means everything to a special needs mom elizabeth picciuto july 16, 2014 i loved the way he was with her, very respectful, accommodating, and just a pleasant energy to be around.